Apart from hosting creative workshops for corporate leaders, teachers and principals we are also engaged in a number of projects within the arts and education. We believe in inquiry based learning where there is more room for curiosity and creative expression. To realize this we use tools based on expressive and experimental electronics, such as simplified circuits, conductive ink and other smart materials. Please click on the pictures in the righthand slideshow to read more about our projects.



Our "think inside the box" workshops creates a positive social dynamic for creative thinking to flourish by giving people a shared room for creative expression and play. Creativity is a increasingly valued trait for organizations to remain competitive in the 21st century society, a world dominated by increasing complexity and uncertainty.

Our workshops are great for when you want to bring together colleagues from different departments and have them interact in an open and creative atmosphere. They are tailor-made to fit your needs and perfect for kicking off any new project or as an unexpected (yet nice!) twist to the after work with colleagues or clients. Think inside the box!

We work with both corporations and schools!

Schools / principals

Are you a principal looking for an inspirational evening for your teachers to discuss 21st century skills and the future of education? Do you want to create stronger social bonds between your teachers while also trying out new technology that can inspire kids into science and being creative?

Or perhaps you are a teacher in craft, technology and/or science and would like to explore the concept of maker education in your classroom?

Then we highly recommend you to sign up for our hackerspace in a box workshop. We do all ages and skill levels. For more information please visit

About us

At Sparkling Science we believe in the importance of giving room for creative expression and play. Creativity has been said to be the most important trait for the 21st century. We help our clients understand the implications of this shift in paradigms and to build environments where creativity can flourish, from the class room to the board room. Our main focus is creative problem solving. We do workshops based on our unique pedagogy of experiential learning using expressive and experimental technologies.

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

We also host workshops on creative leadership and teambuilding. For more info see above. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or just want to get in touch!

We take inspiration from education initiatives such as and

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Interested in our black box workshops? Want to organize one yourself? Or maybe you just have an idea you want us to hear about?

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