Good Morning – the curious beetle farm

“My son does the work, I take the fame (…) that’s hardly entrepreneurship” – starts Hans Rosling jokingly, kicking off this years Good Morning’s conference. An inspiring and personal start of a great day from a great and humble man.

Hans Rosling reminds us that what society needs is to understand and respect the importance of diversity. Entrepreneurship will not save us alone, especially not social entrepreneurship because how do you define that anyway? We need to respect and be humble to all paths people choose in life. We need to understand that for society to work we need the entrepreneurs, but we also need the inventors, the activists, the reformers that create institutional change and the discoverers that extend the outer boundaries of human knowledge.

I think this really frames what this conference, Good Morning, is all about. Everyone has something valuable to say and you just need to nurture your curiosity, stop and listen. I feel very privileged to have been invited to this conference and I will do my best to try to share my experience of it as the day progresses. Yesterday I got the chance to talk with 2 of todays speakers; Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh from & Christer Windelov-Lidzélius from the interdisciplinary and hybrid design & business school Kaos Pilots. Jane is an inventor and Christer is a reformer and they both had great ideas on the importance of diversity and what our future society need.

What are 21st century skills to you? I can safely say that all 3 of us very much agreed on the immense importance of nurturing your curiosity and being able to put yourself in new and unfamiliar situations in order to train creative thinking and appreciate not the end result itself, but the whole journey of learning and exposing yourself to new perspectives.

I know one thing for sure. As human beings we want to FEEL creative because it’s part of human nature. I also know that creativity does not happen without diversity. And thirdly in the spirit of TED & TEDxStockholm which I’m part of organizing, Good Morning is a great first step towards celebrating curiosity, because without that there will be no progress.

There are over 400 000 species of Beetles in the world, one for each purpose. That’s why beetles are the most successful species on the planet. In fact, Beetles make up around 25% of all life forms on earth.

So embrace diversity, promote creativity, nurture curiosity and be a beetle! :)
Now TEDFellow Rachel Armstrong is talking about lifting Venice with programmable matter. How’s that for a new perspective on how the world works?


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